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"Red mig en grav, o moder kär, min levnadsdag är liden;
Den man, som fick mitt hjärtas tro, har flytt med skam ur striden,
Har tänkt på mig, har tänkt på sig, har följt ert varningsord
Och svikit sina bröders hopp och sina fäders jord.

När skaran kom, och han ej kom, begrät jag nyss hans öde,
Jag trodde, att han låg som man på fältet bland de döde;
Jag sörjde, men min sorg var ljuv, den var ej bitter då,
Jag velat leva tusen år att honom sörja få.

O moder, jag har sökt bland lik till sista skymt av dagen,
Men ingen av de slagna bar de kära anletsdragen.
Nu vill jag icke dväljas mer på denna svekets ö,
Han fanns ej bland de döda här, och därför vill jag dö."


[ETA for the benefit of the non-language-in-question-speakers: The national poet's oeuvre: still as fucked up as last year, and the year before that.]
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Guys, a question: detective novels, whodunnits, crime fiction, or the like (I never know my way around this terminology, to be sure), in which the narrator and/or other main POV character dunnit? I don't mean so much the Tom Ripley type as the [title of a rather classic example redacted to avoid spoiling it in case it's not common knowledge after all] type, that is, the sort where there is a revelation or twist or a denouement in the library or, well, what have you (or the reader pretends that there is one, even though everything was painfully obvious all along, etc). I can only think of the one (no, wait, two, of course (in comments, spoiling your denouements!)) right now, though I'm pretty sure I've read others (and seen others? in movies?), too, and really convinced that there must be quite a few out there. Would be muchly appreciated!
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Meme, from [ profile] bossymarmalade:

List three characters from ten favourite books, then have people guess what the books are! (all first names, for consistency)

(1) Kenneth / Faith / Walter
(2) Sue / Agnes / Maud
(3) Mary / Maria / Henry
(4) Elizabeth / Justine / Victor
(5) Laura / Alex / Winifred
(6) Gradus / Sybil / Charles Xavier
(7) Lane / Buddy / Bessie
(8) Belle / Trix / Arthur
(9) Ted / Richard / Eddie
(10) Julia / Rex / Anthony

Note: In one (rather obvious) case, I (obviously) did not list the first name, as I would have had to look it up in the book to make sure I remember it right. But I think maybe possibly we'll all survive this glaring INCONSISTENCY. You may, however, now make remarks about how I don't remember the names of the characters in books I claim are among my "favourites". - Also, some of these characters = characters for certain values of x.
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Dear ladies planning to vote in the 2009 Hot 100 poll,

I still have only one thing to say here. (Now also eligible in the 10 Hottest Out Women subcategory!) Other than that, you're on your own.

Love etc.,

Because people's tastes are strange and unaccountable, I expect this will be another year of mostly none of my clearly superior nominees making it. (Except maybe Lauren Graham, who has done well in the past. It's good to be in a Gilmore Girls phase, guys. (I might need an icon.))

Do you think pizza would be a terribly inappropriate dinner choice on Good Friday?
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Some Pertinent Examples of Involvement

. . . A short-copy ad from the Cigar Institute of America shows a closeup of a woman's face and one tear rolling down her cheek. No cigars, no men, no smoke. Just the caption, "A good cigar is as great a comfort to a man as a good cry is to a woman."

What a provocative idea, and how it involves the male reader! He completes the thought, "Men don't cry, but they need an outlet for their emotions." He probably mulls over the idea too - pictures himself smoking a cigar, thinks of the outlet of chomping on the end of it, savors the maleness of the situation.

And, of course, women are also involved in that ad. It probably helps to overcome their prejudice toward cigars. They feel a sympathy for those poor grown-up boys who are never allowed to cry. It's a small enough concession to let them smoke their cigars, repulsive though they may be.

In a similar vein is an ad for After Six tuxedos. In the foreground, we see the picture of a husband - not a handsome, wooden model, but an "ordinary Joe," with a large nose and a craggy face - happily wearing his formal garb. In the background is his wife, under a hair dryer, surrounded by finery. The copy reads, "For the big party your wife will buy a new gown, shoes, stockings, lingerie, lipstick, nail polish, hairdo, earrings, stole, perfume, gloves, even eyelashes. . . . You deserve one After Six tuxedo."

That delightful ad shouts for participation. Every male in the audience feels a sympathetic tremor. He is involved in the war between the sexes. He empathizes with the poor guy who always pays and pays. ("You're damned right he deserves one lousy tuxedo. Wives won't admit it, but how often do we give ourselves a break?")

So it goes.

Norins, H. 1966. The compleat copywriter. A comprehensive guide to all phases of advertising communication. New York: McGraw-Hill, pp. 36-37.
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Then I dreamed that Prime Minister Vanhanen and President Obama agreed (amongst themselves) that, considering Obama's current forward momentum, now would be a good time for them to open that Italian-style fine dining restaurant.
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och lever jag tills jag blir stor och fyller femton år
till samma svält, till samma kamp, till samma död jag går
där kulor vina tätast då
där skall man finna mig också
där vill ock jag försöka på
i mina fäders spår!


Runeberg's Day.
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On the metro: a middle-aged man wearing a big fur hat: clutches a worn paperback copy of Sense and Sensibility to his chest.
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The gala, & Mika Saarelainen saying: "To quote a member of the audience, OH YEAH."
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Oh Americans, I have a question for you! I visited the parents on Sunday night, and ended up watching the inaugural concert of spectacularity on telly with them (I did not see this moment coming when I was growing up! and, ah, I think everyone was very impressed really, even though funnies re: certain countries & their respective spectacles and attempts at recasting Bruce Springsteen in the event of similar production here etc. were enjoyed during the proceedings! we may overcompensate?), and what I really need to know is: what was the deal with the eagles?

PS. Good luck with your brand new Prez! (I saw Biden being sworn in on a tv in the store I have to walk through to get to the student library, and he looked very happy!)
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Oh, Studio 60 Et Cetera. What momentum you had in the first half of your season, you sure lost for the second half.

Other than that, me & an hour spent on google image search (because I'm just that that classy) have only one thing to say: many images under cut. also not much else. )
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Selma Lagerlöf turns 150; I have a dream where I meet Astrid Lindgren and Louisa May Alcott and embarrass myself by getting their books mixed up.
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Oh America. I've been up since 04.58, refreshing the CNN, BBC and YLE websites over and over, and then I stray for a moment and go make tea and read the friendslist and hear the news from my regular morning radio show. !!!
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try not to drown with your zipper down, midsummer.
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the ministry of employment and the economy is on fire.
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... ahem. Carry on.


May. 9th, 2008 02:23 pm
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This (via Language Log), FTW.

[ETA: The study center courtyard is full of ladybirds: look down & don't step on.]


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